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eMedia Master, LLC dba KyWebmaster does not share your personal information (name, email, address, phone, etc) with anyone.
Report service problems, request changes or additions through helpdesk link at top of page.
eMedia Master, LLC dba KyWebmaster is located in Stanford KY. Our phone number is 859-955-0101. Mailing address is eMedia Master, LLC, PO Box 156, Stanford KY 40484-0156.
Invoices are emailed in pdf format. Mail checks to eMedia Master, LLC, PO Box 156, Stanford KY 40484-0156. Also accepting Visa, Mastercard, or Check Draft by phone, fax or online payment.
Other Terms
Deadline. Unless otherwise state in contract the service(s) will be completed within 20 business days after receipt of all material.
Expiration. Contract expires/modifies with a 60 day notice from either party; 1 year minimum & renewal.
Other Terms
Late payments. Payments more than 5 days late result in website inactivation and $40 reaction fee.
Refunds. eMedia Master, LLC dba KyWebmaster has a "no refund" policy, as stated in our service contracts.