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Think about it
What is your purpose for being on the internet - info and / or sales?
Who are you trying to reach - current or new customers or both?
What content and pictures do you want to include?
Think some more
Will the site be static or require frequent updates?
Do you need a shopping cart or order form?
Do you want a blog? Forms? Site search?
What is bandwidth?
A measurement of the volume of information that can be transmitted over a network at a given time. It's based on the amount and size of website pages and images every time they are viewed.
Flash design
Because flash does not work properly in some browsers we do not suggest using it for a business web site. In many cases animated graphics can be a comparable solution.
Domain name

Do I need a domain name?
We strongly recommend a domain name for all business sites because it is easier to remember and can be transferred between hosting companies.

How do I choose a domain name?
Domain names should be as short as possible, your business name or related to your business, easy to remember, preferably a .com

What is the difference between a vanity, subdomain and domain name?
Vanity domain
Domain name

Web hosting

What is web hosting?
Web hosting is basically renting space on a server which will send your website pages across the internet.

How much web hosting space will you need?
Our full service package includes 50mb space and is enough for at least 50 pages with no more than 3 graphics per page.

Can I use one of the free web hosting services?
Free hosting is not recommended for business use. The servers we use have 99.9% uptime. If you choose to use a free hosting service you will be responsible for uploading all files.