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Mobi Marketing
What is .mobi?
.mobi is a top-level domain (TLD) approved by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. .mobi is unique it is the first top level domain dedicated to delivering the internet to the mobile phone.

dotMobi requires all registrants to adhere to the following rules:

  • All dotMobi sites must be available in the standard XHTML-Mobile Profile 1.0 or later (e.g. XHTML Basic 1.1), and this must be the default presentation unless the site knows that the device supports something else.
  • A mobile user must be able to access a dotMobi site from as well as
  • A dotMobi web site must not use frames
In addition to these mandatory rules, dotMobi recommends that developers follow W3C Best Practice guidelines.

What happens if a .mobi website fails to comply with MTLD's mandatory rules?
mTLD will audit all .mobi domain websites for compliance with the mandatory rules. The .mobi registrant will be notified and given 60 days notice to update their website so it meets the compliance rules. If the .mobi website is not made compliant, then mTLD will put the domain in a "hold status", which means that the domain will not resolve to the Internet.

Now offering .mobi websites
Technology is ever changing and KyWebmaster is dedicated to keeping up. The guidelines for .mobi websites are rather strict. We guarantee all .mobi websites we create will comply with mandatory rules. File size is of great importance because most people pay to view websites on their cell phones according to file size. mobi websites are intended to find your business and share the most essential information with it's viewers. 

Our most active website Cedar Creek Lake Outfitters is now available in .mobi format for cell phones. Go to on your mobile device or see the preview below.

Other Examples
The Hub Coffee House & Cafe, Danville Kentucky
Main and Maple Coffee House & Cafe, Nicholasville Kentucky
Common Grounds Coffee House & Cafe, Lexington Kentucky

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